Polish Debian Documentation Project
Polski Projekt Dokumentacji Debiana

Welcome to PDDP pages!

Note: those pages are mainly for people who can help us and therefore in most cases they need to know Polish. This site is written in Polish and only partially translated into English. This translation is only meant to be a brief guide to what we do.

Linux is modern multitasking and multiuser free kernel of operating system with sources included in the distribution.

However, every kernel of operating system is almost useless without software that can work on it. Thus, kernel Linux is published as a distribution, which is formed of a kernel and a full featured software.

One of those distributions is Debian GNU/Linux. It has the highest number of packages or programs published in an easy to install way.

What is very important in every operating system is its documentation. There is no doubt it provides valuable and accurate information on how to configure many services and programs.

Debian is proud to be the system that should be followed at least when speaking about documentation. Although it is an international project, most of the documentation comes in English, which can cause trouble to some people.

Therefore Polish Debian Documentation Project (or PDDP) was started. Our aim is to translate into Polish the documentation being provided by Debian GNU/Linux system.

We have also been translating official Debian web pages and Debian Weekly News.

On the left you can see navigation Menu. Now you're reading the Main page. Who we are will tell you who participate in this project. Contacting section describes the ways you can communicate with us. Documentation page contains translated documents.

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